Our Models

Our Models

At Be U, one thing very important to us is diversity and inclusion. For our first round of models we mainly used people who we knew, or friends of friends who are all shapes and sizes.

Portrait Series
Left to Right: Loren Williams, Tanisha Francis, Jessica Gajadharsingh, Katie Eagling, Lian Wood, Millie O’Connor, Megan Fersdon, Eleanor Hill, Becca Davy

Today we wanted to share with you some of the girls’ experiences whilst modeling with us and a little bit of their backstories to see how being part of the photoshoots has helped them.

Bottom left to right: Becca Davy, Millie O’Connor, Loren Williams | Middle left to right: Tanisha Francis, Lian Wood, Megan Fursdon | Top left to right: Katie Eagling, Eleanor Hill, Jessica Gajadharsingh

Lian Wood, aged 22 @lianwood_

I wanted to be a part of the shoot because it’s a big wide world and I’m a big wide girl who is in the process of accepting myself as I am. I felt that this opportunity would help me realise how beautiful we all are. It’s really important for me to be a part of this because I wanted to stand against how women are percieved over social medica, we all have different body types and they are all beautiful in our own way. I was apprehensive at first because I don’t even cahnge in front of my best friends but as soon as Georgia and the other Be U ladies got in front of the camera with no judgement, just support, it was so liberating. I could have walked out of the studio in my undies I felt that good! So yeah, I may be chunky but I keep it funky!

Eleanor Hill, aged 22 @elainedaapain

I became part of the Be U campaing because, as I grew up, I’d felt like an outsider when it came to my body. I always felt physically bigger than everyone else. As I grew up, I would be bullied, getting called a boy. I hated everything physical about myself. Being part of this photo shoot was to show that everyone is completely different, beautiful and there shouldn’t be one single streotype of female. The whole experience was absolutely empowering.

Megan Fursdon, aged 22 @megfursdon

I participated in the shoot because it was something new for me, I’d never pushed myself out of my comfort zone with my body like that and it was amazing to be doing it with some of my closest friends. Being a part of Be U means being part of a community of women who are fully embracing themselves in every way possible whilst fully supporting each other. Women supporting women is one of the greatest things we can do for each other right now, and seeing it in action in my everyday life is amazing. Prior to the shoot I was excited but definitely nervous! Some of the other girls had already been on a couple of shoots so already knew what to expect, but it’s one of the experiences where I’ve never felt more comfortable being myself. It was so relaxed, we made each other laugh and I genuinely learnt to love both my body and my mind a fair bit more than I did before I walked into that room. That confidence is something that still continues to grow.

Millie O’Connor, aged 22 @millieoconnor

When I was first asked to take part in a shoot I mainly did it because Georgia is a good friend of mine and I wanted to help her out. However, I feel it’s important to represent girls of all shapes and sizes, and being 5’2, sometimes people forget that height can be something girls are also self conscious of. I’ve been out clubbing before and random people have tried to ID me just to take the piss. I’ve been ID’ed for engery drinks which you need to be 16 to buy. People don’t seem to see height as something to be self-conscious of unless you’re the one reminded of it on a daily basis. This is why being part of Be U is important to me – you’re height is something to be proud of and people would never joke about a girls size so why joke about their height? Taking part in the photo shoots made me feel good and proud of who I am as no one looks the same and we should not aspire to be a certain size or height.

Loren Williams, aged 22 @loren_deanne

When Georgia asked me to be a model for Be U, I didn’t even have to think. Body confidence is something I have struggled with from such a young age, and I would look at my friend’s thighs who were size 6/8 in jeans and then look at mine that was a size 14. My mum said that big thighs ran in the family and I would always have them and to love them. It made me so upset: when it was hot my thighs would rub, my jeans never fit properly and I never felt pretty. I’ve always had a little lower belly podge and mum used to tell me it was only puppy fat and it would disappear as I grew up. I remember hoping ever day, waiting for that day to come. Now I am 22 years old, and that day still hasn’t come but I now embrace it, I think it’s sexy…just look at Marylin Monroe! My mum and sister especially showed me that a fuller body is beautiful. I still struggle every single day with my body image, there are days where I wake up feeling good, but still days where I look at myself in the mirror and cry. Being part of Be U has insanely helped my body positivity; embracing my curves, my chunky thighs and my wiggly arms! Working with all these beautiful women of all shapes and sizes has made me realise we all have our insecurities, and that we as women need to be building each other up. I never thought I would ever be beautiful enough to be a model, but Georgia showed me I could be, she made me feel worthy. This is why Be U and similar projects are so important, we are making a stand against the photoshopped, unrealistic goals of today’s advertisements and empowering women of all shades, shapes and sizes.

Portrait series
Front to Back: Millie O’Connor, Loren Williams, Becca Davy, Tanisha Francis, Lian Wood, Megan Fursdon, Katie Eagling, Jessica Gajadharsingh, Eleanor Hill
Portrait Series
Front left to right: Becca Davy, Millie O’Connor, Loren Williams | Back left to right: Tanisha Francis, Katie Eagling, Eleanor Hill, Jessica Gajadharsingh, Megan Fursdon, Lian Wood

If you live in the Falmouth area and are interested in taking part in a photoshoot contact us through our contact page, or DM us on Instagram!

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.

Life Is A Balancing Act

Life Is A Balancing Act

Life is all about balance, it’s a set of scales. You have good days and bad days. Some days outweigh others. But you need to remember to never be too hard on yourself.

Life isn’t about spending 2 hours every day in the gym, or sitting in McDonalds eating 20 chicken nuggets. Life is about going to the gym one day and then the next eating those nuggets because you earned it.

Life isn’t about restriction. Nor is it about binging. It’s about finding that balance that works for you.

We posted a quote the other day on our Instagram that reads:

“If we all ate and exercised exactly the same, all of our bodies would still look different from each other.” 

Just because one girl is gyming every day doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because one girl can devour food like it’s nothing, doesn’t mean we all can.

Don’t be downheartened because one person can do something that you can’t. Odds are they feel the exact same about you.

Life is a balancing act. It’s your balancing act.

You need to go out there and find the balance that works for you and who you are. No one’s life is the same, so no ones balancing act is the same either.

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.


Written by: Jessica Gajadharsingh


What Makes You Feel Good?

What Makes You Feel Good?

Here at Be U, we’re all about feeling good and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

We are all individuals with different ideals of what makes ourselves feel good. What makes me feel good may be completely different to what makes you feel good, and that’s okay.

We wanted to show you guys that it’s okay for different people to feel good about themselves in different ways.

To do this, we went around Falmouth and asked different people, both men and women, in different age groups, what makes them feel good about themselves.

This is what we got:

Jade Crowther 18-24 – sunshine, the people around me, the beach, working out, compliments

Alex Arnault-Ham 25-34 – the sea, relaxing, food, fishing, drawing

Millie O’Connor 18-24 – cheese, when I wake up from a nap and my hands feel heavy, a nice dress, a kiss from my boyfriend, laughing with my friends

Sam Taylor 18-24 – alcohol, sun, golf, football, sleeping

Chess Read 25-34 – food, going to the gym, my kids, laughing, chilling

Andrew Meyer 55-64 – travel, family, watching good TV, drinking champagne, friends

Amy Davis 25-34 – my daughter, going to the gym, having my lashes done, getting a tan, having a laugh with friends

Rohan Mehra 18-24 – exercising, seeing my friends succeed (my friend’s band or a football team with my friends in), going to the cinema or a really cool TV show (GoT), travelling, having something to look forward to

Carol Davis 55-64 – having a facial, sunshine, nice shoes, dressing up, my grandchildren

Joel Morrison 18-24 – making people laugh, my mum, talking to people, robots, going to the gym

Jo Martin 25-34 – the sun, being on holiday, date nights with my husband, girly evenings with my sister and friends, being busy

Connor Littleton 18-24 – good music, football, alcohol, my friends, seeing my family

Aileen Topple 18-24 – bubble baths, watching a series finale, being with people I love, getting good grades, a cheeky cocktail…or five

Owain Hanford 18-24 – eating croissants, watching Hereford United away, playing drums, being around good people, achieving something you once struggled with

Lucy Nichols 35-44 – Vanilla iced lattes, my children, getting dressed up and going out with the girls, having good music on in the car, cleaning

Ryan Sparrow 35-44 – money, friends, family, love, health

Clementine Simmons 18-24 – nice pair of pants, a good workout, drinking water, writing, friends and family

Callum Gerlach 18-24 – seeing my friends and family, eating, running, meeting new people, doing new things

Hanna Bevan 25-34 – hiit workouts, coconut flat whites, sunny days on the beach, being outside with nature, the colour yellow

What makes you feel good? Comment below, let’s start a conversations and let it be known that it’s okay that different things make different people feel good.

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.


Written by: Jessica Gajadharsingh




Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Georgia O’Callaghan – Founder, Photographer and Writer

Georgia created our Instagram as part of her final project for University. This is where the whole campaign began and, since then, has developed and is sure to grow more as time goes on. Georgia chose to focus on body positivity and self love after wishing for so long she looked like the girls you’d see as a child who all seemed to look a certain way. Like us all, she knew it is unrealistic to look like that and wants to show females of all ages that they don’t need to look like them either.

Five things that make me feel good: seeing my friends and family happy, good skin and clean hair, freshly washed bed sheets, warm sunny weather, nice food. 

Katie Eagling – Creative Consultant and Model

Katie has been in various shoots with Georgia and created the logo for the campaign. Her creative eye oversees the design and layout of the blog and Instagram, ensuring there is a consistent theme that is girly and feminine. Katie joined Be U as she has always struggled with her figure and got into her head that if she was skinnier she would be prettier. Meeting the girls who have done this campaign have helped Katie become more confident in her skin and has shown her that every one is conscious about something.

Five things that make me feel good: my boyfriend, having a lie in, horse riding, eating food (especially paella), having a good hair day. 

Becca Davy – Content Writer and Model 

Becca began as a photography assistant before modelling for earlier shoots. Since then, she has joined the campaign to oversee content uploaded onto Instagram. She contributes to content writing by regularly writing captions on Instagram and writing blog posts. Becca wanted to be part of Be U because, like the other girls, she also grew up feeling insecure about her appearance. Becca hopes to encourage all the females around her that it is beautiful to just be you.Five things that make me feel good: road trips, cheese and wine nights, finding new authors, the summer, getting my brows done. 

Tanisha Francis – Creative Consultant, Make up Artist and Model

Tanisha studied Fine Art at Falmouth University and met Georgia through work. Tanisha’s degree has been channelled into the campaign through the make up looks she creates for shoots. She also contributes with the other girls to oversee content uploaded onto both Instagram and the blog. Tannish is the average size for a woman in the UK, however still grew up with girls smaller than her and started to believe that she should look like that. Since being a model for Be U, Tanisha has finally realised that it’s okay to look like yourself as there is no one else who can compare to you.

Five things that make me feel good: Coffee, my bofriend, my neice and nephew, make up, spending time with my mum.

Jessica Gajadharsingh – Content Writer and Model

Jessica started as a model and is now a contributing writer to the blog. Jessica is passionate about the subject due to previously struggling with an eating disorder after being bullied for not looking like what a ‘pretty’ girl should look like in school. She realised after losing 30kgs in a very unhealthy way that she was not any happier, and so wants to help other girls struggling in silence like she did. Jessica has written posts on this topic before on her personal blog as she hopes that, in the future, girls will stop feeling like they need to be perfect.

Five things that make me feel good: getting my nails done, having a me day, drinking enough water, making my friends happy, the way my boyfriend looks at me when he doesn’t think I’m looking. 

Welcome to Be U

Welcome to Be U

Welcome to our blog. We are a body positivity campaign by women for women.

Our goal is to remind women everywhere how much they are worth. As a gender we should support each other and remind both ourselves and others how much they are loved. We also want to remind everyone to appreciate their bodies and love themselves for who they are.

You grow up seeing the same type of females in magazines, in advertisements, on runways and more. You are then told that you should look like those women. Every young girl tries to achieve this unrealistic expectation of ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ which ends up putting stress onto the younger generation.

We are trying to push away these societal expectations and help women realise that no matter your size, height, body colour, hair texture, sexuality, style you are beautiful and you are worthy.

Sometimes, all you need is a nudge from your friends to push you in the right direction. We are a group of girls based in Falmouth, Cornwall who not only want to lift each other up but want to lift you up too.

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.


Written by: Jessica Gajadharsingh