What Makes You Feel Good?

What Makes You Feel Good?

Here at Be U, we’re all about feeling good and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

We are all individuals with different ideals of what makes ourselves feel good. What makes me feel good may be completely different to what makes you feel good, and that’s okay.

We wanted to show you guys that it’s okay for different people to feel good about themselves in different ways.

To do this, we went around Falmouth and asked different people, both men and women, in different age groups, what makes them feel good about themselves.

This is what we got:

Jade Crowther 18-24 – sunshine, the people around me, the beach, working out, compliments

Alex Arnault-Ham 25-34 – the sea, relaxing, food, fishing, drawing

Millie O’Connor 18-24 – cheese, when I wake up from a nap and my hands feel heavy, a nice dress, a kiss from my boyfriend, laughing with my friends

Sam Taylor 18-24 – alcohol, sun, golf, football, sleeping

Chess Read 25-34 – food, going to the gym, my kids, laughing, chilling

Andrew Meyer 55-64 – travel, family, watching good TV, drinking champagne, friends

Amy Davis 25-34 – my daughter, going to the gym, having my lashes done, getting a tan, having a laugh with friends

Rohan Mehra 18-24 – exercising, seeing my friends succeed (my friend’s band or a football team with my friends in), going to the cinema or a really cool TV show (GoT), travelling, having something to look forward to

Carol Davis 55-64 – having a facial, sunshine, nice shoes, dressing up, my grandchildren

Joel Morrison 18-24 – making people laugh, my mum, talking to people, robots, going to the gym

Jo Martin 25-34 – the sun, being on holiday, date nights with my husband, girly evenings with my sister and friends, being busy

Connor Littleton 18-24 – good music, football, alcohol, my friends, seeing my family

Aileen Topple 18-24 – bubble baths, watching a series finale, being with people I love, getting good grades, a cheeky cocktail…or five

Owain Hanford 18-24 – eating croissants, watching Hereford United away, playing drums, being around good people, achieving something you once struggled with

Lucy Nichols 35-44 – Vanilla iced lattes, my children, getting dressed up and going out with the girls, having good music on in the car, cleaning

Ryan Sparrow 35-44 – money, friends, family, love, health

Clementine Simmons 18-24 – nice pair of pants, a good workout, drinking water, writing, friends and family

Callum Gerlach 18-24 – seeing my friends and family, eating, running, meeting new people, doing new things

Hanna Bevan 25-34 – hiit workouts, coconut flat whites, sunny days on the beach, being outside with nature, the colour yellow

What makes you feel good? Comment below, let’s start a conversations and let it be known that it’s okay that different things make different people feel good.

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.


Written by: Jessica Gajadharsingh




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