Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Georgia O’Callaghan – Founder, Photographer and Writer

Georgia created our Instagram as part of her final project for University. This is where the whole campaign began and, since then, has developed and is sure to grow more as time goes on. Georgia chose to focus on body positivity and self love after wishing for so long she looked like the girls you’d see as a child who all seemed to look a certain way. Like us all, she knew it is unrealistic to look like that and wants to show females of all ages that they don’t need to look like them either.

Five things that make me feel good: seeing my friends and family happy, good skin and clean hair, freshly washed bed sheets, warm sunny weather, nice food. 

Katie Eagling – Creative Consultant and Model

Katie has been in various shoots with Georgia and created the logo for the campaign. Her creative eye oversees the design and layout of the blog and Instagram, ensuring there is a consistent theme that is girly and feminine. Katie joined Be U as she has always struggled with her figure and got into her head that if she was skinnier she would be prettier. Meeting the girls who have done this campaign have helped Katie become more confident in her skin and has shown her that every one is conscious about something.

Five things that make me feel good: my boyfriend, having a lie in, horse riding, eating food (especially paella), having a good hair day. 

Becca Davy – Content Writer and Model 

Becca began as a photography assistant before modelling for earlier shoots. Since then, she has joined the campaign to oversee content uploaded onto Instagram. She contributes to content writing by regularly writing captions on Instagram and writing blog posts. Becca wanted to be part of Be U because, like the other girls, she also grew up feeling insecure about her appearance. Becca hopes to encourage all the females around her that it is beautiful to just be you.Five things that make me feel good: road trips, cheese and wine nights, finding new authors, the summer, getting my brows done. 

Tanisha Francis – Creative Consultant, Make up Artist and Model

Tanisha studied Fine Art at Falmouth University and met Georgia through work. Tanisha’s degree has been channelled into the campaign through the make up looks she creates for shoots. She also contributes with the other girls to oversee content uploaded onto both Instagram and the blog. Tannish is the average size for a woman in the UK, however still grew up with girls smaller than her and started to believe that she should look like that. Since being a model for Be U, Tanisha has finally realised that it’s okay to look like yourself as there is no one else who can compare to you.

Five things that make me feel good: Coffee, my bofriend, my neice and nephew, make up, spending time with my mum.

Jessica Gajadharsingh – Content Writer and Model

Jessica started as a model and is now a contributing writer to the blog. Jessica is passionate about the subject due to previously struggling with an eating disorder after being bullied for not looking like what a ‘pretty’ girl should look like in school. She realised after losing 30kgs in a very unhealthy way that she was not any happier, and so wants to help other girls struggling in silence like she did. Jessica has written posts on this topic before on her personal blog as she hopes that, in the future, girls will stop feeling like they need to be perfect.

Five things that make me feel good: getting my nails done, having a me day, drinking enough water, making my friends happy, the way my boyfriend looks at me when he doesn’t think I’m looking. 

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