Welcome to Be U

We are a campaign for women.

Our goal is to remind women their worth and support the women around us to love themselves and appreciate their bodies.

We are a group of girls, based in Falmouth, Cornwall who want to share our love for each other with every female out there.

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A quote from the founder, Georgia O’Callaghan:

Throughout your life, you see advertisements and movies that only show tiny women, with the perfect skin, perfect hair and the perfect body. When I was younger, I tried so hard to look like one of those girls, and it has taken me some time to realise that I won’t ever look like one of them. And that’s ok.

We have hundreds of things shoved in our faces saying that we need to change ourselves, but really, what needs to change is society. Obviously everyone is different, and that is definitely a good thing. Myself being nearly 6ft will definitely not fit in the same size jeans as someone who is 5ft. But that’s ok.

It’s taken me a long time to accept what I look like, and I still have days where I look in the mirror and wonder why I don’t look like the girls in magazines. But thats where my friends come in, they support me every day. We have a responsibility to pick up our friends, to help them feel confident, until they feel confident on there own. It may take a day, or years. As long as you know that everyone is different, and remind yourself that you are beautiful.