Welcome to Be U

Welcome to Be U

Welcome to our blog. We are a body positivity campaign by women for women.

Our goal is to remind women everywhere how much they are worth. As a gender we should support each other and remind both ourselves and others how much they are loved. We also want to remind everyone to appreciate their bodies and love themselves for who they are.

You grow up seeing the same type of females in magazines, in advertisements, on runways and more. You are then told that you should look like those women. Every young girl tries to achieve this unrealistic expectation of ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ which ends up putting stress onto the younger generation.

We are trying to push away these societal expectations and help women realise that no matter your size, height, body colour, hair texture, sexuality, style you are beautiful and you are worthy.

Sometimes, all you need is a nudge from your friends to push you in the right direction. We are a group of girls based in Falmouth, Cornwall who not only want to lift each other up but want to lift you up too.

Never forget, it’s okay to Be U.


Written by: Jessica Gajadharsingh


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